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Neutron Beamline Shutter Equipment for CSNS Shielding System Passes Acceptance Tests

Date: 2016-01-11 Author:

January 11, 2016. All the sets of neutron beamline shutter equipment for China Neutron Spallation Source (CSNS) shielding system successfully passed acceptance tests on January 11, 2016, in Nanjing. The tests showed that all the specifications met or exceeded the design requirements.


The neutron beamline shutter equipment is an important part of the CSNS target station. As a key piece of equipment to ensure smooth operation of the target station and instruments, the shutter equipment is directly related to the effective utilization rate of the neutron beam, and the radiation safety and efficiency of neutron scattering experiments in the experimental hall.


The CSNS target station has a total of 20 sets of shutter equipment. Each shutter corresponds to a single instrument which can independently turn each neutron beamline on or off by moving downward or upward using a hydraulic system.


The CSNS neutron beamline shutters consist of a mechanical system, vacuum system, hydraulic and electronic control systems. Scientists and technicians tested each set of shutter equipment 500 times. The test results prove that the entire shutter equipment can run smoothly, stably, safely and reliably.


Completion of all the shutter equipment fabrication and pre-installation in the factory has been a milestone for the CSNS shielding system and target station. The next step will be installation at the CSNS site.


The first set of shutter equipment