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Debugging of First CSNS/RCS Quadrupole Power Supply and Resonance Network Successfully Completed

Date: 2015-12-25 Author:

December 15, 2015. The debugging of the first CSNS/RCS quadrupole power supply and its resonant network was successfully completed on December 15, 2015 with all the specifications meeting or better than the designed requirements.


The RCS main magnet power supply system is the first set of White-type magnet power supply developed in our country. The characteristics of the system are to connect power supply, energy storage components and magnet to multi resonant circuit. Reactive energy converts between magnets and energy storage components with only active power loss being supplied from power grid, thus avoiding the disturbances of the reactive power to the power grid. The high accuracy digital controllers of the power supply control system are developed by our own project team.


By high harmonic current vector control technology, the accuracy of AC magnetic field and its phase are achieved, ensuring accurate tracking of dipole and quadrupole magnetic fields.


The RCS ring, consisting of 48 sets of quadrupole magnets and 24 sets of dipole magnets, divides into 6 families and 20 resonant networks and is powered by 6 sets of power supplies. The power supply for this debugging consisted of 8 sets of Q206, a resonant choke and a set of resonant capacitor bank.


The successful debugging of the first CSNS/RCS quadrupole magnet power supply and the magnet resonant network is an important milestone of the CSNS power supply system, accumulating valuable experience for the follow-up power system installation and commissioning.


CSNS/RCS Quadrupole Magnets Q206