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BL06: Indirect-Geometry Molecular Vibrational Spectrometer (planning)

Date: 2021-05-19 Author:

The indirect-geometry molecular vibrational spectrometer (IGMVS) is based on neutron inelastic scattering technology and is mainly used to study the analytical vibrational spectra of materials. The spectrometer will be widely used in polymers, medicine, clean energy, catalysts, physics, earth sciences, environmental sciences, etc. It helps study the intrinsic atomic dynamics or reaction dynamics mechanisms of materials.


Compared with infrared spectrometer and Raman spectrometer, IGMVS can give a wider range of spectra without selectivity, which means technically speaking, it can give all molecular vibration spectra. IGMVS uses a dual-focus analyzer array to focus the inelastic scattering neutrons on a small detector to cover the front scattering and back scattering. This design can obtain a high inelastic neutron count rate and better signal-to-noise ratio. IGMVS also installs a detector module to collect the diffraction signal of the material, so that it can test both the neutron diffraction spectrum and molecular vibration spectrum of the material, and obtain the structure and dynamics information of the material at the same time, with multiple sample environments.


Application areas: catalytic mechanism of catalyst; hydrogen bonding and hydrogen dynamics; mechanism of molecular adsorption on material surface; thermoelectric and photovoltaic materia.