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BL03: Liquid Reflectometer (planning)

Date: 2021-05-19 Author:

Liquid reflectometer (LR) is the most effective tool for studying the interface structure and reaction of thin film materials. LR is a horizontal neutron reflectometer, specialized in 3D-structure characterization and dynamic process tracking of thin film materials.


Application areas:


3D-structure characterization: characterization of polymer film structure and its expansion behavior; lithium ion deintercalation and expansion behavior in lithium battery anode materials; morphological characterization and positioning of proteins in cell membranes; surfactants, polymers and proteins in solid Self-assembly on the liquid interface, etc.


In-situ dynamic process tracking: the rearrangement process of the film; the surface reaction or structural change of the film; the encapsulation and release of the components in the film layer.