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BL04: Cold Neutron Inelastic Spectrometer (planning)

Date: 2021-05-19 Author:

The cold neutron inelastic spectrometer (CNIS) is designed as a high-energy resolution inelastic spectrometer, mainly focusing on the excitation of phonons and spins in the low-energy range. Based on the time-of-flight characteristics of the pulsed neutron beam, CNIS is able to quickly characterize information such as four-dimensional dynamics mechanism factors, and provide spin excitation and lattice vibration data for magnetic materials. It can also provide phonon dynamics data for thermal transport materials, thermal expansion materials, superconducting materials, etc.


CNIS is expected to meet scientific research and industrial applications in many fields such as industry, technology, medicine, aerospace, biology, physics, chemistry and chemical engineering, geology, energy, materials, and metallurgy.


Application areas:


Phonon dynamics, spin excitation, magneto-acoustic coupling and electro-acoustic coupling of hard condensed matter;


Providing lattice dynamics and magnetic data for magnetic materials, thermoelectric materials, multiferroic materials, superconducting materials, semiconductor materials, photovoltaic and catalytic materials, etc.


Characterizing the lattice vibration characteristics of polymers, proteins, combustible ice, etc.