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BL12: Neutron Physics and Application Spectrometer (planning)

Date: 2021-05-19 Author:

Neutron physics and application spectrometer is designed to use neutrons extracted from the coupled liquid hydrogen moderator. The spectrometer is equipped with an elliptical supermirror neutron guide, which has a strong neutron flux at the sample position. The design of the bandwidth chopper and T0 chopper can block the gamma rays and high-energy neutrons escaping from the moderator to reduce the background. It can also make the spectrometer selectable neutron energy range from cold neutrons to hundreds of eV thermal neutrons. The scattering room is equipped with PGA and NDP measuring devices, which can be flexibly adjusted according to the needs of different users.


The application areas of this spectrometer include:


Prompt gamma activation analysis: carry out non-destructive analysis of trace and trace element types and contents;


Neutron in-depth profile measurement: non-destructive in-situ study of high-energy density lithium batteries;


Neutron equipment and device testing: carry out neutron performance testing of new neutron detectors, new neutron shielding materials, neutron optics and new neutron moderators;


New spectrometer concepts and new experimental methods: resonance neutron temperature measurement technology, resonance neutron imaging technology, etc.


Basic neutron physics: experimental research on neutron decay, neutron lifetime, etc.