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BL08A: Engineering Material Neutron Diffractometer (under construction)

Date: 2021-05-10 Author:

Instrument Contact: Dr. HU Chunming

Email: hucm@ihep.ac.cn


Engineering material neutron diffractometer (EMD) is a dedicated engineering science facility at CSNS. It is designed for the measurement of strain, and thus stress, deep within a crystalline material, using the atomic lattice planes as an atomic 'strain gauge'. Internal and residual stresses in materials have a considerable effect on material properties, including fatigue resistance, fracture toughness and strength. This facility is jointly built by CSNS and the Centre of Excellence for Advanced Materials(CEAM), and is expected to provide a world-class platform for measuring and analyzing the stress in large and complex engineering structures.

Main applications include: Stress and residual stress measurement; Mechanical properties measurement and research in crystalline material in micro-level; Texture and phase fraction measurement and analyzing in crystalline materials; Fatigue behavior and fracture research in materials, etc.