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BL15: High-Pressure Neutron Diffractometer (under construction)

Date: 2021-05-10 Author:

Instrument Contact: Dr. KANG Le

Email: kangl@ihep.ac.cn 


CSNS and the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUST) is jointly building the high-pressure neutron diffractometer (HPND). SUST is responsible for outlining the physical design of the instrument and the development of the sample environment under extreme conditions, while CSNS is responsible for the instrument construction. It is expected to be put into service by the end of 2022.


HPND is designed to conduct neutron diffraction and neutron imaging experiments. The extreme sample environment with multiple coupling fields such as pressure, temperature and magnetic field will be provided, which can accurately simulate the service state of the materials. HPND will hold two sample positions to meet the requirements of different pressure equipment, so that it can achieve large Q value coverage for portable pressure cells and high resolution for cubic press. Its applications include:


Energy: the formation mechanism of combustible ice, thermochemical and mechanical stability, carbon dioxide replacement mechanism, etc;


Hydrogeology: the mechanism of water storage in the mantle, complex seepage through rock layers, carbon dioxide capture and storage;


Structural and functional materials: the formation mechanism of new superhard materials synthesized by B-C-N elements such as diamond, CBN, C3N4 under in-situ high temperature and high pressure environment;


Condensed matter physics: material structural phase transition, electronic correlation, superconductivity, magnetic sequence, topological sequence, ferroelectricity and other physical problems under extreme high pressure conditions.