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BL11: Atmospheric Neutron Irradiation Spectrometer (under construction)

Date: 2021-05-07 Author:

Instrument Contact: Dr. YU Quanzhi

Email: qzhyu@iphy.ac.cn 


The atmospheric neutron irradiation spectrometer (ANIS) provides a full spectrum neutron beam covering MeV ~GeV, which is close to the atmospheric neutron energy spectrum.


The neutron energy spectrum, beam spot and flux can be adjusted in a large range, which can be used to do irradiation tests of different samples in different environments. ANIS is designed to provide high-flux neutrons that are basically consistent with the atmospheric neutron energy spectrum in the real space environment, and can carry out experimental tests in the atmospheric neutron irradiation environment in the laboratory.  The specific applications include:


Testing the transient and cumulative radiation effects of atmospheric neutrons of various new electronic materials, such as gate structure materials, substrate materials and storage capacitor materials;


Testing the neutron radiation effects of aviation and ground electronic equipment and semiconductor devices, in order to propel standardization of atmospheric neutron radiation experiment of key electronic equipment, and improve the safety and reliability;


Conducting scientific and technological research on neutron detection technology, nuclear data and measurement, material irradiation damage, nanotechnology high-end integrated circuit materials, etc.