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BL16: Multi-Physics Instrument

Date: 2021-04-29 Author:

Instrument Contact: Dr. YIN Wen

Email: yinwen@ihep.ac.cn 


The multi-physics instrument (MPI) is a total scattering instrument designed to study the structure of materials from long-range order to short-range order.


MPI is CSNS’s first user instrument and was built in cooperation with Dongguan University of Technology and the City University of Hong Kong. Located at 16# line at CSNS, MPI uses the decoupled water (300K) as its moderator. The detector of MPI is consisted of 240 helium-3 tubes, which are divided into seven banks with 30 modules (phase one). The detectors cover a scattering angle range from 2.9° to 170°. MPI has a 12 m3 vacuum vessel and operates at a pressure spaning from 100 to 1x10-6 mbar during experiment.


MPI will serve international users as an experimental platform to investigate structure of materials on many fields, especially on materials science, condensed matter physics, life science, nano-materials and so on. MPI will mainly be used for research on materials with different ordered structures, focusing on structural analysis of long-range order and locally disordered materials, and long-range disorder and short-range ordered materials, more specifically including:


Analysis of local structure or two-body correlation information of crystal materials under different environments;


In-situ structural analysis of new metal materials;


Nanomaterial structure measurement and environmental effects on nanostructures;


Structural determination of material transition states under extreme conditions;


The determination of atomic local distribution, atomic correlation movement and short-range ordered structure of chemical bonds of disordered materials.