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BL01: Small-Angle Neutron Scattering

Date: 2017-03-15 Author:

Instrument Contact: Dr. KE Yubin

Email: keyb@ihep.ac.cn 


The small-angle neutron scattering instrument (SANS) of CSNS is a very important neutron technique useful for probing structures from around 1 nanometre to more than 100 nanometres. It has a wide range of applications from studies of polymers  to nanoparticles.


SANS is the first pulsed-source general-purpose time-of-flight SANS instrument in China. It utilizes beam port #1 of the CSNS target station facing a coupled liquid hydrogen moderator and adopts a short straight beamline configuration with the classic point-focusing pin-hole camera geometry. Compared with the curved neutron guide configuration, this design can obtain a better neutron transmission at short wavelength  and enable a wide Q range during experimental measurements.



1. Reliable SANS data between 0.01~0.5 -1

2. Instrument resolution better than ~30% around Qmin
3. Good dynamic range,  sample space
4. Variable sample size