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CSNS Celebrates the 109th Internatioanl Women's Day

Date: 2021-09-16 Author:

March 8, 2017. The CSNS women staffs visited Nanshe Ancient Village to celebrates the 109th International Women's Day. 


Group Photo at the Front Gate

The Nanshe ancient village is located in Chasha. It is national cultural heritage site and a famous historical culture village. Established in the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, it has a history of more than 800 years and has been well preserved. The village design focuses on “being with nature” and was built between mountains and water. It is a very unique historical cultural site in Guangdong as well as a tourist attraction.


Many of the staffs haven't visited the village before.  "I had quite a good time here. The Lingnan Culture is very different from the North China Culture, and it impresses me a lot," Said Zhangwei, the staff from the office of gerenal affairs. "It's very peaceful here." I also enjoy the tea and the desserts." 


Some of the women talents even gave live performances. Tangxiao from the project office read a beautiful poem, and Jiang Mengqi from the division of neutron science sang a traditional Shaoxing opera. Audiences are impressed by their fabulous performances.


"We can do sciences, and we can also do performances," Said Wang Yanming, a senior engineer from the the division of neutron science and also the organizer of the visit. "We are the CSNS superwomen."