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Wang Sheng

Deputy Director of CSNS


Prof. Wang Sheng is a senior researcher of IHEP, and now the deputy manager of High Energy Photon Source project and the manager of Southern Advanced Photon Source project.


Prof. Wang received his bachelor degree from Beijing Institute of Technology in 1990 and his doctorate degree (accelerator physics and technology) from China Institute of Atomic Energy in 1996. From August 1996 to July 1998, he worked as a postdoc at the Institute of High Energy Physics, focusing on the beam-to-beam interaction between BEPC and BEPCII. He also participated in the physical design of BEPCII storage ring. From 2000, he spent two years working as a postdoc at KEK in Japan and participated in the preliminary research of Japan's high-current proton accelerator J-PARC. After returning to China in 2002, he participated in CSNS preliminary research, and was responsible for organizing and completing the physical design of CSNS accelerator. 


Long engaged in accelerator physics, he has participate in many accelerator based scientific projects, such as BEPC, BEPCII, CSNS and the ongoing HEPS. Now as the Deputy Director of CSNS, he is responsible for the whole accelerator department. 


Prof. Wang has published more than 50 articles in various academic journals, about 40 conference articles, and more than 20 invited reports for academic conferences. He also serves as a member of International Advisory Committee of J-PARC of Japan Proton Accelerator Joint Facility.