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Chen Hesheng

Project Manager



Prof. Chen Hesheng graduated in Nuclear physics at Peking University in 1970. He then went to the United States  to do his PhD study of Physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and returned to China with resolution when he is needed by his country. He has many titles: Particle physicist, Former Director of Institute of High Energy Physics and Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Chen Hesheng in BEPC lab


He worked at Mark-J Experiment of DESY for the gluon jet study and the precision tests of the electroweak theories from 1979 to 1984.


Since 1982 he worked at the L3 experiment of CERN for the physics proposal and detector design, Monte Carlo simulation and Tau physics, and made contributions to the precision measurements of the Standard Model parameters and the number of the neutrino generations. Under his leadership, the AMS permanent magnet system was constructed in Beijing, and became the payload of the space shuttle Discovery 1998 as the first large magnet in Space.


Since 2001, he was the project manager of the Beijing Electron Positron Collider Upgrade (BEPCII). BEPCII finished the construction on schedule within budget, and reached the design specification 2009. The luminosity of the BEPCII increased by a factor of more than 30 compared with the one before upgrade, and is a factor 4 more than the previous world record in the energy region.