Engineering materials beamline

The energy range of EM beamline is 50-170keV, with an energy resolution of 1HYP-3@100keV. This beamline focuses on X-ray diffraction/scattering, and also include experimental methods such as PDF and imaging. 3D-XRD technique will be used to analyze and explore the internal structure information of samples. The beamline also has a time resolution of ~10ms, suitable for some in situ experiments.

Two 2.1 m CPMUs will be connected in series with a phase aligner as the light source ID; on the beamline, a cryogenically cooled double Laue monochromator will be placed for monochromating high energy X-ray. There will be multiple sets of compound refractive lenses (CRL) to focus X-ray on different energies.

The experimental station will be equipped with a variety of in situ devices, such as large sample platforms, and pressure/tensile testing machines, etc.

Director: YANG Yiming (86-010-88236770