Structural dynamics beamline


The Structural Dynamics Beamline (SDB) focuses on the single shot detection of irreversible processes upon dynamics loading or during the additive manufacturing. Basing on ultrafast X-ray techniques including phase contrast imaging, diffraction and scattering, SDB paves the way to investigate the material deformation upon dynamic loading and the microstructural defects dynamics during additive manufacturing. Two ultrashort period CPMUs were selected to provide high energy X-ray beam with single shot intensity >109 phs/pulse, enabling ultrahigh spatiotemporal experiments with temporal resolution up to 400ps and spatial resolution up to 50nm.


Solid State Physics, Materials and Engineering, Planetary Science, Mechanics of Materials

Scientific Application

l  High energy density physics: Phase transition and Equation of State of extreme materials derived by high power laser

l  Dynamic compressed science: Structural transportations, deformation and fracture of materials upon dynamic loadings of Gas Gun, Hopkinson Bar and any other devices

l  Additive Manufacturing: The microscale defect and structures dynamics during additive manufacturing of laser and electron beam


Time-resolved X-ray diffraction

Time-resolved X-ray phase contrast imaging

Time-resolved X-ray scattering

Time-resolved X-ray nano magnified imaging

Beam mode

White beam mode: Maximum beam size (H×V) 14×14 mm2, single pulse density>109phs/pulse, X-ray flux>1016phs/s;

Micro-beam mode: Beam size maximum (H×V): 500×500 μm2; minimum (H×V): 5×5 μm2, X-ray flux>1015 phs/s, Photon Energy: 20, 40 and 70 keV; Energy bandwidth: 0.5%-2.8%

Nano-beam mode: Beam size minimum (H×V)50×50 nm2, X-ray flux>1014 phs/s, Photon Energy: 21.8 keV; Energy bandwidth: 1.2%

Sample environments

Dynamic loading devices: High power laser system (up to 100 J), Single-stage gas gun, Two-stage gas gun, Hopkinson bar.

Additive Manufacturing devices: Laser direct energy deposit device (L-DED), Laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF) and Electron beam powder bed fusion (EB-PBF)


Imaging Detector: Ultrahigh speed cameras (KIRANA, Specialised Imaging; Fastcam SA-Z, Photron) 

Diffraction/Scattering Detectors: High speed pixel array detector (Keck-PAD-CdTe, Sydor, Eiger-CdTe, Dectrics)

Director: Zhang Bingbing (86-010-88235978,

Optical layout of SDB

The endstation of L-hutch at the satellite-building

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