Low-dimensional structure probe beamline

Design energy range 4.8-40keV, Photon flux 3×1013phs/s@12.4keV@200mA.

The core experimental methods are surface X-ray scattering, including resonant and non-resonant surface X-ray diffraction, reflection, CTR analysis, grazing incidence X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy (GIXPCS), and reflective coherent diffraction imaging (RCDI).

A vacuum internal temperature permanent magnet undulator (IVU) is used as a light source, and a liquid nitrogen cooling monochromator is used for splitting, and a discrete KB focusing mirror is used as a focusing element.

A multi-circular diffractometer was used on the experimental station to configure a variety of sample environments (ultra-high vacuum, low temperature, high temperature, electric field, magnetic field, electrochemical reaction, in-situ sample preparation) to achieve various experimental functions.

Director: WANG Huanhua(86-010-88235994

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