Microfocusing x-ray protein crystallography beamline

The spot size is adjustable from 1μm to 30 μm. The 1 μm spot was focused by the KB focusing lens system, and the larger spots were defocused by the composite refractive lens (CRL) system.

Design energy range 5-18keV, photon flux 1×1013phs/s @12.4keV@200mA, 60pm?rad

In air undulator (IAU) was used as the light source, liquid nitrogen cooled monochromator was used for spectrophotometer, and CRL and KB focusing lens were used as focusing elements.

In order to meet the needs of high throughput and high productive, the experimental station needs to be highly automated and intelligent, equipped with a fast detector (refresh frequency is no less than 100Hz), a high-precision goniometer (sphere of confusion, SOC, is better than 100 nm), an automatic sample changer system (robot), a low-temperature cooling device and a sample transmission device.

Director: Gao Zengqiang(86-010-88234028,

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