High Resolution Nanoscale Electronic Structure Spectroscopy Beamline

The designed energy range is 200-2000eV, focus spot is 100×100nm2@900eV@60pm?rad,200mA。

The station is designed with two working modes: μ-ARPES and nano-ARPES.

With Apple-KNOT undulator as the light source and monochromation of varied-line-space plane gratings, toroidal mirror focuses the monochromatic light to get the micro-scale spot at the sample to achieve μ-APPES. Keeping the optical path unchanged, the station is designed to use a plane mirror and a toroidal mirror alternatively to reflect the monochromatic light onto a zone plate to obtain a nano-scale spot to achieve nano-ARPES.

The experimental station is equipped with two-dimensional high resolution electron energy analyzer to complete the photoelectron spectroscopy measurement.

Director: Wang Jia'ou(86-010-88235992 )

Beamline Layout

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