Tender x-ray beamline

Energy range is 2.1-7.8keV, covering elements including P, S, Cl, K, Ca, Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe.

This station uses a bending magnet as the light source, and a collimating mirror (a bendable plane mirror) is installed in front of the monochromator to collimate the synchrotron light in the vertical direction. Then, the synchrotron light is focused by a toroidal focusing mirror (a bendable cylindrical mirror) after monochromated by the monochromator. This collimating-monochromatization-focusing layout is commonly used for bending magnet beamline internationally with stability and reliability as its advantages. The end station is equipped with X-ray spectroscopy facilities available under several conditions such as vacuum and one atmosphere hellium wet samples, liquid samples or in-situ reaction experiments with functions of absorption spectroscopy experiments with  fluorescence and transmission mode. The vacuum chamber with small spot is equipped with a low temperature sample holder to reduce the radiation damage caused by the high flux density of small spots by lowering the temperature of the sample.

Director: Zheng Lei(

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