Transmission X-ray microscopic beamline

The photon energy range is 5-15keV, the photon flux at the sample position is 2×1011phs/s@8keV@200mA, and the spatial resolution is 20nm@8keV.

The imaging mode is zoneplate based  full-field x-ray imaging.

The X-ray microscopy imaging beamline  uses a in-air undulator (IAU) as the light source with red-shift illumination design, and adopts liquid nitrogen cooling monochromator. The station can realize high resolution structural imaging, Zernike phase contrast imaging and XANES (X-ray absorption near edge structure) imaging. In-situ sample environments such as temperature, pressure, and electric field are also equipped.

Director: Yuan Qingxi(86-010-88235990 )

Optical layout of x-ray microscopy imaging beamline

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