Test Beamline

HEPS is extremely demanding on the performance of optical components and detectors, many of which challenge the limits of current manufacture and metrology capacity. Optical Test Beamline is designed for the study and tests of key optical components, detectors and novel experimental equipment and methods. The beamline is mainly used for tests of focusing equipment, monochromators and detectors, for the analysis of surface figure, the analysis of mechanical, thermal and optical properties, and also for phase modulation and stability analysis. The beamline can carry out verification studies of new experimental methods, provide experimental conditions with white, pink, monochromatic light and focused beam and the photon energy can be extended to 300 keV. The beamline is expected to meet the requirements of various thermal power load experiments and the test requirements of several focusing schemes (such as KB, CRL, etc.).

Director: JIA Quanjie(86-010-88235994

Top view of optical layout