Beijing Test Beam Facility



The Beijing test beam Facility (Beijing-TBF) is running on the linear electron accelerator (LINAC) of BEPC as the parasitical mode. It is one and only the TBF of particles with middle energy in China. The beam lines include E2 line and E3 line. The E2 is electron beam line, the beam energy is 1.1-2.5 GeV, the beam intensity is 10E3-10E10 particles per pulse and with frequency of 5-50 Hz. The E3 line is the secondary beam also single particle test beam with electron and pion and proton.

Energy: Electron 100-300MeV; Proton and Pion 0.4 – 1.2GeV/c

Energy Resolution: 1%

Particle Position Resolution: ~0.3-0.4 mm

Counting Rate: 2-3 Hz

Beam Spread: 5*5 cm or 3*3 cm

On line equipments:

MWPC; TOF counter; Cerenkov counter; CAMAC System;

Mobileplatform (with three dimensions).