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IHEP Server Account

1.1 User account application 

 Each user using the computing platform is affiliated to one or more experiments, he/she can have a personal account (AFS account) and use the computing and storage resources of each experiment only after they get the approval from the person in charge from each experiment. AFS account application process is shown in Figure 1.



 Figure 1 Computing Center AFS account aaplication process

1 new users (no unified authentication account) through "account application page" (shown in figure 2) fill in relevant information and choose their belonging to the experimental application of account submission.The system will submit the application for unified authentication and afs accounts at the same time. The service will automatically send a verification email. Please click the email authentication link.After opening the link, follow the prompts on the page and enter the password (the password you filled in at the beginning of registration).Success will show the unified authentication account registration is successful, and the unified authentication home page will show the application time and status of afs.

2 have unified authentication account user, please login directly "unified authentication" below 3 click the red box area "apply" fill in the information to submit.Afs application time and status will be displayed on the home page after success

"Experiment leader" will be received by the user management system sends the user to apply for account related email, only reply, head of the "agreed to the user application" mail, computing center will build AFS account for the user.After the AFS account is established, the applicant will receive an email notification about the account name and password and the relevant user manual.

New user (no unified authentication) online account application address:

Unified authentication user online application afs account


Figure 2 unified authentication user apply for  afs account table


FIG. 3 application form for new users of computing center

  • Note:

  • Make sure the email address in the application form is valid. After the application is approved, this email address will be used to receive the notification of the user name and initial password. And all the announcements related to the computing platform will be sent to this email address.

  • Please choose the “staff type” according to the user's real situation. The account of different “staff type” is of different valid period.
  • For security reasons of your user account, please use a strong password. The computing platform requires that the user password must contain at least 10 characters and at least three of the following character types: letters, numbers and special characters. Password does not meet the above requirements will not be accepted by the system.
  • User password is valid for 365 days. Uses will get three email alerts respectively in 30 days, 7 days and 2 days before the password expires. Please change your password as soon as possible before the expiration date; otherwise, the user account will be blocked automatically.
  • If the user wants to associate another email address to the user account, please inform the Computing Center of the update.
    • if the uniform password reset is changed, the afs password will also be changed.
  • Contact: Tel: 88236855 (working hours) E-mail:;


1.2 Password Management

1.2.1 Reset password when you forget it

   User account has been integrated with IHEP Single Sign On (SSO) account. You can vist to find your SSO account's password.

1.2.2 Change password

   User account has been integrated with IHEP Single Sign On (SSO) account. You can login IHEP SSO ( ) to change your password or visit the password web page ( ) directly.

The right to BESIII internal resources

BESIII internal resources are opened OLNY  to  BESIIII member .


Please register an IHEP UMT Account, and carefully follow application information for BESIII collaboration as below:


For Users with an IHEP e-mail account:

1. Please log in the system HERE by filling in your username and password (no registration required).

2. Please carefully fill up both Personal Information and Group Information(DO NOT forget to select BESIII collaboration in the tab)by following the link of Profile.


For others without an IHEP e-mail account:

Please register an account of the Unified Authentication (UA) system by following this link(DO NOT forget to select BESIII collaboration in the tab).


→ What is Single Sign On (SSO)?

We are deploying a Unified Authentication (UA) system at IHEP. The apps, which need user authorization (such as DocDB, Indico, Hypernews and Wiki, etc.), will be integrated with this system progressively in the future. When this is done, one can login these apps with a single account which is so-called the Single Sign On (SSO).


We welcome new members to join the collaboration, and all members are asked to respect the BESIII Membership Rules. Spokespersons will be responsible for informing individuals of this rule and for enforcing them.



You would like to visit Weekly Run Report, Realtime Status, Accelerator Status (Luminosity & Beam Currents),BEM System Status. Some pages are available only for BESIIII members.


Shift Certificate and Personal Dosimeter

When you come to IHEP to take shifts, you are asked to note the information that summarized in this letter.


Shift Schedules

BESIIII members would like to update and see daily shift schedules, check the leader and working arrangement in BESIII operation. You will find all information HERE by logging in to your account.


Shift Rules

Please refer to the Shift Committee Report presented on June 8, 2008, which was officially agreed on principles and rules at BESIII 2008 summer meeting.


Document on Shift

You would like to download BESIII DAQ Shift Manual, BESIII Run Form for Data Run, BESIII Form of Beam Usage and Notes on Run Operation, Operation Process of Data Acquisition, Form of Shift Log. Please note that some files are only written in Chinese.



The analyses are organized in Physics Working Groups (PWG) , which include Charm Physics, Charmonium Decays, Light Hadron, Tau&RQCD, New Physics. The web pages, documentations and common analysis codes can be accessed by BESIIII members only.

Offline Software

You would like to know more about BESIII Offline Software System (BOSS),please visit BOSS User Forum: HyperNews .For more information on Offline Software, please enter our Offline Software Website with your username and password.


Meeting Room Reservation

We can reserve meeting rooms at IHEP either for spontaneous or regular meetings.


We can help organize online meetings or events on Indico.


The analyses meet at the Friday Physics/Software Meeting for Collaboration Wide Talks or to discuss issues and problems of common interest. Please pay attention to its Indico Link

Business Trip

Please keep contact with BESIII Secretariat Team for further information or help on your business trip.



We have been collecting the documentation on BESIII conferences and talks since 2009, please visit BESIII Speaker's Bureau Website to find information.


To access to journals published/submitted by BESIII Collaboration, please follow HERE on physics/ technical journal publications and author page. For more information on BESIII internal publication, please click on Physics Papers, Preliminary Results, Referee Committee Statistics, Publication Committee.


You need to find information on the conference and talks, please log in Indico. If you’re a BESIII member, you’re authorized to view documents on Hypernews and Documentation.


If you have any query about documentation, contract and/or participation and administrative formalities, please send us an email. We can also provide office supplies and copying, printing and domestic faxing services.


BESIII Secretariat Team


Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Room A401, Main Building

19B Yuquan Road, Shijingshan District

Beijing 100049, China