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4B8-Vacuum Ultraviolet

4B8 is a vacuum ultraviolet beamline and locates at IV quadrant of BEPC and 12# experimental hall. This beamline runs not only in the dedicated mode of synchrotron radiation but also in the coupling mode. Additionally,this beamline has realized long-range control for fluorescence spectrum experiment and users don’t need to come to BSRF.


Supported techniques:

   Synchrotron Radiation Circular Dichroism; 

   Time resolution Synchrotron Radiation Circular Dichroism

   Fluorescence spectrum

   Time resolution fluorescence spectrum

   X-ray absorption spectroscopy



   Biological macromolecule



Beamline equipments

   UV- visible spectral fluorometer

   Fluorescence detector

   Four-dimensional sample control device

   Liquid helium cryogenic system

   Others: photoelastie modulator, signal processor, lock-in amplifier, high voltage source

Beamline Specs



   Wavelength Range

125-360 nm

   Flux (photons/sec)

2×1010@ 180 nm


0.8 nm

   Beam Size (HxV)



Local Contacts

   Name: Ye Tao      Phone: 0086-10-88235978      Email: taoy@ihep.ac.cn

   Name: Yan Huang    Phone: 0086-10-88235978      Email: huangy@ihep.ac.cn

Current Status: Operation in the coupling mode/Accepting General Users
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