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The experimental physics center (EPC) of IHEP is not only a research center of the experimental particle physics in China, but also a development center for the technologies on the detector, electronics, high speed data acquisition and processing and superconducting magnet. The projects in EPC include the designs and constructions of Beijing Electro-Magnetic Spectrometer (BES), the Daya Bay reactor neutrino experiment and the detectors and target in China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS), as well as the running and upgrade of BES and Daya Bay experiment. EPC is also involved in building the data acquisition system for LHAASO.

Many important results on the 2-5 GeV tau-charm physics region and neutrino physics have been achieved at BES/BEPC and Daya Bay neutrino experiment. These include the observation of the charged charmonium-(like) state, the observation of the new resonance X(1835), the observation of the psi(2S) M1 transition to etac(2S), the discovery of a new type of the neutrino oscillation and the precision measurement of the mixing angle theta_13.

EPC also joins in the international collaborations, such as the ATLAS at LHC, Belle II at superKEKB in Japan, PANDA at FAIR in GSI and ILC, etc.

There are totally about 147 staffs in EPC (excluding people who work for CSNS but reside in Guangdong), among them, 71% have the master or PhD degrees. The director of EPC is Prof. Yuanbai Chen, and the deputy directors are: Kejun Zhu, XiaoyanShen, Jun Cao, Xinchou Lou and Zheng Wang.

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