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   First S-band Ultrahigh Vacuum, High Power Waveguide Circulator Passes Acceptance Check TEXT SIZE: A A A

A 2998 MHz ultrahigh vacuum (UHV), high power ferrite waveguide circulator , developed by the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), was tested under low microwave power on October 9th. Experts from Peking University, the Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of Science and Technology of China and IHEP checked the performance of the circulator. The acceptance test was very successful.

The ferrite waveguide vacuum circulator was made for an international cooperation program with the MAXIV Laboratory at Lund University, Sweden. A high temperature metallization direct brazing process between ferrite and OFC (oxygen free copper) in a vacuum furnace was used, a world first.

More than one block of ferrite was brazed on the inner wall of the waveguide at around 810oC in the vacuum furnace. Compared with former circulators, the vacuum circulator has high isolation, low insertion loss, high RF capability, and the ferrite is hard to fall off. The vacuum circulator will work steadily without any gas discharge and RF arcing breakdown under the UHV and RF high power environment

The success of the ferrite waveguide vacuum circulator is a sign of IHEP’s increasing prowess in physical design and development capability of electro-vacuum and microwave waveguide devices. It also reflects He-Racing Technology’s aggressive innovation and enterprising spirit. As this type of circulator is the first in the world, it will have a significant impact on the international market for similar products.

First S-band ultrahigh vacuum, high power waveguide circulator passes acceptance check (Image by IHEP)

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