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   CEPC-SppC Study Group Meeting held TEXT SIZE: A A A

A Study Group Meeting for the Circular Electron Positron Collider (CEPC) was held at Beihang University from September 2 to 3. More than 200 participants from research institutions and universities in China and laboratories in the US, Switzerland and Italy attended the meeting.

Prof. LOU Xinchou, manager of the CEPC-SppC project, reported on the latest progress of the project and put forward working objectives for the next steps. Attendees were split into four CEPC working groups, covering the CEPC accelerator, SppC accelerator, theory, and physics and detectors, to discuss these aspects in detail and set related future plans. On the second day, participants reported on recent progress, including theoretical studies, accelerator and detector designs, and simulation studies of benchmark physics processes.

After completion of the CEPC-SPPC preCDR in early 2015, the current focus is on the R&D of critical technologies and preparation for the CEPC CDR. At this workshop, the strategy for initializing the international organization of the project was also discussed.

CEPC will serve as a Higgs Factory, where precise measurement of Higgs properties will be its top priority. In addition, CEPC will allow stringent tests of the Standard Model (SM) with precision measurements at the Z pole and WW thresholds. The second phase of the project, the Super proton-proton Collider (SPPC), will upgrade the machine to a proton-proton collider with an unprecedented center-of-mass energy of 50 – 70 TeV. This machine would offer a unique opportunity for direct searches for New Physics in the high-energy range far beyond LHC reach.

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