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   Superconducting Spoke Resonator Cavity (β=0.21) for ADS Main Linac tested TEXT SIZE: A A A

A prototype of the ADS Superconducting Spoke Resonator Cavities (β=0.21) manufactured by IHEP ADS Project group went through the vertical test at 4K on January 6, during which the parameters reached world’s advanced level of the same kind.

These SC cavities would be applied to the accelerator in the main linac of ADS intense proton linear. The successful development of SSR021 cavity was another significant progress subsequent to that of ADS superconducting cavities for Injector I (β=0.12) and Injector II.

The vertical test results indicated that the NO.3 prototype reached all the designed parameters of the final cavities. When Q0 reached 5×108, Bpeak was 98/mT (succeeding the designed value of 65/mT), maximum Bpeak was 107/mT; when maximum Epeak reached 50 MV/m, Q0 was 4×108. The values of principle parameters including Bpeak and Q0 parallel those of SC cavities in Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, US.

SC Spoke021 Cavities constitute one of the critical technology challenges in ADS Proton Linear Project. The vertical test results for Spoke021 cavity verified that its physical and mechanical design, manufacturing and welding techniques, surface process and vertical test system have all reached the expected targets. Important technical preparations were achieved for the future construction of the superconducting accelerator for ADS main linac.

Assembling of the prototype before the vertical test

(Image by IHEP)

Test results of the prototype (Image by IHEP)

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