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China Mianyang Research Reactor

   The China Mianyang Research Reactor (CMRR) with the power of 20 MW is located in the NP campus of Institute of Nuclear Physics and Chemistry, Mianyang city, Sichuan Province. It was open to users officially  from 2012, including the thermal and cold neutron halls. The liquid hydrogen cold neutron source began to work from September 2013. The measured thermal and cold fluxes for neutron scattering experiments are 2.4×10^14 n/cm2·s and 10^9 n/cm2·s, respectively. 


NP campus of Institute of Nuclear Physics and Chemistry 

   CMRR is devoted to both fundamental and applied research. Its spectrometer layout is shown in the figure. In the first phase, eight neuron scattering instruments have been  installatied and start operation from the middle of 2014. Four thermal neutron instruments were installed in the reactor hall: a high resolution neutron diffractometer (HRND), a residual stress neutron diffractometer (RSND), a thermal neutron radiography station (TNR) and a high pressure neutron diffractometer (HPDC). Four cold neutron instruments were installed in the guide hall: a small-angle neutron spectrometer (SANS), a time-of-flight and polarized neutron reflectometer (TPNR), a cold-neutron triple-axis spectrometer (CTAS) and a cold neutron radiography station (CNR). The measured performance of all these instruments are satisfactory, such as the maximum flux of RSND at the sample stage (loading 500kg) position is 4.6×10^6 n·cm-2s-1 with the resolution Δd/d=2.2*10­^-3, and its wavelength range is 0.12-0.28nm. On the other hand, some in-situ sample environment equipments, such as high/low temperature, high pressure, loading and magnetic field, are also built at the same time. 


Layout of neutron scattering instruments at CMRR 

   Since the  neutron scattering instruments at CMRR came into service, Several experiments have been done by users from Peking University, Chinese Academy of Science, et al. and some results are published. Recently, the second phase for neutron scattering instruments development has been approved. Three new instruments, as shown in the figure, thermal-neutron triple axis spectrometer (TTAS), ultra small angle neutron spectrometer (USANS), and neutron standard test beam-line (NSTB) will be built at CMRR during the next  years.