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 Postdoctoral Introduction

Postdoctoral research station at IHEP is one of the first batch stations approved by National Postdoctoral Research Station Management Coordination Committee in 1985. Now there are two stations, Physics and Nuclear Science and Technology at IHEP. Till 2008, there were totally 274 postdoctoral researchers recruited, and currently 46 members on the station. The first postdoctoral researcher of China was fostered here. As the scientific research strength at IHEP, postdoctoral researchers are very important. They achieved many encouraging results in their respective areas, and many of them got the National Postdoctoral Fund. While the scientific research is encountering rapid development, the need for post-doctors is increasing. IHEP has already formed a perfect postdoctoral management system, and will provide excellent service for postdoctoral fellows. We warmly welcome you to apply for the postdoctoral position at IHEP.



1,Theoretical Physics

Research Field: Theoretical Particle Physics, Theoretical Nuclear Physics, Mathematical Physics, Theoretical Particle Cosmology and Theoretical Hadron Physics.

2, Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics

Research Field: Particle Physics Experiment, Detector Physics, High Energy Physics Computing, Cosmic Ray Physics, High Energy Astrophysics, Nuclear Methods and Applications, Accelerator Physics, Synchrotron Radiation Technology and Methods, Nuclear Medicine Imaging and Application.

3. Condensed Matter Physics

Research Field: Synchrotron Radiation Technology and Methodology, the Application of Nuclear Methods in Research of Substance Structure, Protein Structure and Function, Synchrotron Radiation Research of New Material and Nano-materials, Physical Property under Extreme Conditions, X-ray Imaging Theory and Method.

4. Optical

Research Field: Synchrotron Radiation Technology and Beamline Optics, X-ray Imaging Theory and Method, Synchrotron Radiation Technology and Application.

Subject:Nuclear Science and Technology

Major:Nuclear Technology and Application

Research Field: Accelerator Technology and Applications (including Magnet and Power Supply Technology in Accelerator, Radios Frequency and Microwave Technology in Accelerator, Vacuum Technology in Accelerator, Control and Beam Diagnostics Technology in Accelerator, Cryogenics & Superconducting Technology in Accelerator, Radiation Protection Technology, etc.), Application of Free-electron Laser and Radiation Technology, Nuclear Electronics and Nuclear Detection Technology, Nuclear Medicine and Imaging Technology, Synchrotron Radiation Experimental Techniques and Application, Precision Machinery Engineering, Computer Applied Technology, the Application of Nuclear Technology in Biological Inorganic Chemistry.

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