Phase I Upgrade Progress Achieved by CMS China Team


Just before the traditional Chinese Spring festival, Dr. Zhen-An LIU got an email from Dr. Darin Acosta, manager of CMS Phase I L1 Trigger Upgrade, saying that the CPPF prototype designed by CMS China team passed the tests at P5, site of the CMS Experiment.

The design was proved satisfactory and the subsystem would be used in Phase I trigger upgrade. The present prototype and the engineering prototype later will be applied to the CMS integrated upgrade test and beam commissioning in 2015. This is an important contribution made by CMS China team, following its collaboration with PANDA and Belle II.

In CMS trigger upgrade, new uTCA system architecture and more critical data transmission and processing are big challenges. CMS China team has actively carried out studies in the CMS trigger system over the past years. After being accepted as member of the CMS collaboration for L1 trigger upgrade, CPPF (Concentration, Pre-Processing and Fan-out) sub-system was undertaken by CMS China team, the CPPF module is one of the seven key new modules to be designed for CMS Phase I trigger upgrade.

As the trigger team joined the CMS Phase I upgrade pretty late, more efforts will be needed to meet the time and the technical challenges. But with the many years’ experience in the field, the team is confident to complete the software and the engineering prototypes in 2015.