BEPCII Luminosity exceeds 8.0×1032cm -2s-1


On November 19th, the collision luminosity of the upgraded Beijing Electron Positron Collider (BEPCII) hit another new record, achieving 8.04×1032cm-2s-1 at an energy of 1.89 GeV.

This smashes the record made just a day earlier, when in the latest round of BEPCII commissioning, the collision luminosity reached 7.15×1032cm-2s-1 on Nov.18, breaking the earlier record of 7.08×1032cm-2s-1 made in March, 2013.

With the excellent performance of BEPCII in this round, we believe there is more exciting news from BEPCII yet to come.

the screenshot of the highest collision luminosity (Image/IHEP)