2014 ICFA seminar held at IHEP


The 11th ICFA seminar on Future Perspectives in High Energy Physics was held at the Institute of High Energy Physics from Oct 27 to 30. The meeting is organized by the International Committee on Future Accelerators (ICFA) and attended by representatives from different countries and funding agencies, with a total attendance of about 200.

Scientists from Asia, Europe and the Americas reviewed the latest regional progress on high energy physics research, through invited plenary talks which gave high-level overviews of the current state of particle, nuclear and astrophysics and plans for future facilities around the globe. This was followed by a round-table discussion about global collaboration and a globally coordinated program, where leading scientists summarized the main points from the seminar and explored future plans for high energy physics research.  A tour of BEPCII was organized after the seminar.

The ICFA seminar takes place every three years with the aim of bringing together government officials involved in strategic decisions for High Energy Physics (HEP), representatives of the major funding agencies, the directors of major HEP laboratories, and leading scientists from all of the regions of HEP activity. The Seminar is an ideal venue for the international community to examine current research plans for outstanding science from a global perspective, and to establish the long-term foundations for the field.