First 5.5 T superconducting magnetic separation magnet developed


Scientists at the Institute of High Energy Physics successfully developed a 5.5 T High Gradient Superconducting Magnetic Separation (HGMS) magnet with a 

  5.5 T High Gradient Superconducting Magnetic Separation magnet
 zero boil-off cryostat. The newly-developed magnet adopted a new generation of cryogenic system designed with a small consumption of liquid helium and a high efficiency in magnetic separation.

Through upgrading the Beijing Electron Positron Collider, scientists with IHEP mastered the key technologies of developing cryogenic superconducting magnet. In October, 2010, the Superconducting Magnet Engineering Center at IHEP and Weifang Xinli Superconducting Company in Shandong joined hands in developing the magnet. Wtih the current design, the cost of liquid helium has been greatly reduced and the magnetic separating efficiency greatly improved.

Since 1970s, magnetic separation has been increasingly used for purification of liquid, such as heavy-metal ion removal from laboratory waste water, purification of kaolin clay in paper coating industry, waste recycling in steel industry. Years ago, the HGMS magnet could be produced only in a few developed countries. The costs for import reached as high as 20 million yuan/unit.

The magnet passed the acceptance test on June 30th, and the experts concluded that the HGMS magnet reached advanced international level.