IHEP-INFN set up new mechanism for collaboration--First annual cooperative meeting held in Rome


The IHEP-INFN successfully held their first Joint Committee Meeting at the INFN headquarters, Rome on May 19th, 2012. A group of 6 headed by Wang Yifang, director of IHEP attended the meeting.

 Both sides discuss the future cooperation

In December 2011, Prof. Fernando Ferroni, president of INFN visited IHEP. During his visit, he had lengthy discussions with IHEP leadership about how to further strengthen the existing collaboration between the two research institutions. One of the results was that a Joint Committee for collaboration be established to oversee the collaboration. It was against this background that the first Joint Committee meeting was successfully held.

Prof. Fernando Ferroni started the meeting by welcoming the IHEP delegation, and hoped that the meeting would be a good beginning to break new grounds for the collaboration. Prof. Wang Yifang replied with thanks for the hospitality given by INFN, he then introduced the main research activities at IHEP with focus upon experimental physics and the mid-long term development plans. The other IHEP members reported respectively on their fields of collaboration with INFN.

At the meeting, both sides reviewed the existing cooperative items and discussed the future cooperative plans. It was mutually agreed that active cooperative activities will be carried out in fields of accelerator technologies, particle physics and detector technologies, cosmic rays and astro-physics.

The meeting is a full success. The next Joint Committee meeting will be held in 2013 in Beijing.