2011 KEK-IHEP Annual Cooperative Meeting held at KEK


The 2011 KEK-IHEP Annual Cooperative Meeting was held at KEK on December 12, 2011. 

 group photo of the 2011 KEK-IHEP Annual Cooperative Meeting

Dr. Atsuto SUZUKI, Director-General of High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), heading the Japanese delegation, opened the meeting by warmly welcoming the Chinese guests.

He then extended his congratulations to Prof. WANG Yifang on his assumption as the new IHEP director, and his thanks to Prof. CHEN Hesheng for his efforts and contributions to the KEK-IHEP cooperation. In his remarks, Prof. SUZUKI  briefly described Super-B, PF, T2K, Large-scale gravitational wave telescope, and especially the ILC and ERL which he defined as the Biggest Decision of the Decade to be made at KEK.

Prof. WANG Yifang, the Director of IHEP, replied with thanks for the hospitality given by KEK. He then reported the main research activities at IHEP, which included those on particle physics, astro-physics, accelerators, CSNS, LHAASO, ADS & BAPS R&D.

“BELLE was one of these areas in which both KEK and IHEP had very good collaboration over the past years. We wished to continue this and others as well and were looking forward to more and stronger cooperation with KEK in the future” commented Dr.WANG at the meeting.

Both sides respectively reported on the scientific activities during the past year and discussed at great length how to further strengthen the cooperation in such key areas as China Spallation Neutron Source Project (CSNS), BEPCII, ILC,  KEK B, Belle Experiment, Beijing Advanced Photon Source (BAPS) and synchrotron radiation application.

A site tour to KEK and its Tokai-site was arranged for the IHEP delegation on December 13th, 2011. On Tokai-site, Prof. H. Chen gave a talk on the status of CSNS, which was followed by exchanges with the J-parc staff. Since a cooperative agreement with J-parc has existed, both sides agree that the cooperation will continue within the framework of that agreement.