IHEP and FECO signed framework agreement on mercury technology cooperation


The Institute of High Energy Physics and the Foreign Economic Cooperation Office (FECO), Ministry of Environmental Protection

 the signing ceremony
of China are ready to launch cooperation on mercury technology in view of the (international) Mercury Treaty.

An agreement was signed between the two sides on Feb.16 in Beijing with an aim to promote studies on the related policies and technologies, provide technical support for negotiations and implement international cooperative projects.

At the signing ceremony, Dr. WANG Huanyu, Associate Director of IHEP introduced that other than the internationally-known achievements in particle and astrophysics over the past years, IHEP conducted a great deal of scientific research in heavy metal fields including that of mercury. WANG expressed his strong confidence in and support to the mutual cooperation.

FECO is mandated to coordinate and manage funds in cooperation with the international financial organizations and to coordinate the implementation of multilateral environmental agreements, while IHEP will play its part with its powerful research abilities.

“This would definitely lay a solid basis and help China prepare for the forthcoming mercury treaty negotiations”, said Ms. FANG Li, Deputy Director-general of FECO.