CSNS/RCS Ferrite-loaded cavity and biasing current supply prototypes developed


Ferrite-loaded cavity and biasing current supply prototype, the most important R&D item of the China Spallation Neutron Source 

 Ferrite-loaded cavity and biasing current supply prototype
(CSNS) Project, passed appraisal at the review meeting at IHEP on December 17, 2010.

In the on-site test, the resonant frequency of the cavity was able to sweep within 1.02MHz~2.44MHz to meet the requirements of the CSNS/RCS operation at a repetition rate of 25Hz, corresponding to the bias current varying from 0 to 3000A generated by the bias current supply. A maximum peak RF gap voltage of 12kV design value was achieved.

Experts from CAS institutes listened to the reports on the ferrite-loaded cavity and the biasing current supply given by the engineers from the manufacturer, and a report on the system design and test by the RF group. Detailed and extended discussions were made over the key technical issues and methods adopted in RF system test. It was concluded that the main technical specifications of the prototype were reached and could meet the strict physical requirements.