BEPCII peak luminosity recorded at 5.21×1032cm-2 s-1


Good news on BEPCII commissioning keeps coming in! Following the peak luminosity at 4.91×1032cm-2 s-1 a few days ago, 

 luminosity recored at 5.21×1032cm-2 s-1
BEPCII creats a record new high at 5.21×1032cm-2 s-1!

Thus, before the end of the year the BEPCII peak luminosity has been doubled at the ψ'and ψ? energy zone compared to last year. And further, the integrated luminosity per day, which is 21.7pb-1, exceeds the highest record of 13pb-1 in the last run. This has been the best shape for BEPCII achieved so far.

At the celebrations, Dr. CHEN Hesheng praised the efforts and achievements by cheering to the commissioning team. 5.21×1032cm-2 s-1 was actually the goal for 2011, now it has been achieved one year ahead of time. Dr. CHEN encouraged the team to take new challenges next year.

After the news was released, IHEP received many congratulations from both home and abroad, part of which is selected as below:

A move of tune towards half integer is a reflection of the high quality of the storage ring. This gain of luminosity is a hard-won success. Confratulations! Wish you and the BEPC a wonderful holidays season and a great happy new year!

                   ----Alex W. Chao (SLAC)

Being able to operate so close to the half integer is very impressive and a tribute to the quality of the machine. Congratulations to the BEPC team for the impressive progress to date and I look forward to hearing of more in the New Year. Let me wish you and everyone at IHEP all the best for the holiday season and every success for the New Year.

                                              ----Paul Collier (CERN)

Congratulations for you and the entire BEPCII team for the great progress with BEPCII.I am very pleased to see the steady progress of the collider which speaks for the quality of its design. I wish you all the best and I would like by best wishes for the upcoming new year!
                                         ----Ferdinand Willeke (BNL/DESY)
This is a very impressive result. Congratulations to you and the staff. Happy holidays.
                                              ----John Seeman (SLAC)

Congratulations to the glorious achievements made at BEPCII. This is the encouraging, greatest good news for the New Year! Now please allow me to send my respect to everyone in the BEPCII team. Wish you a happy new year and good luck in the coming year.

                                         ----CHEN Jiaer(Peking University)
Congratulations! I heard that the luminosity was recorded at 4.91E32 today, and I look forward to your new breaking through.Best regards,
                                            ----Zhentang Zhao (SINAP)