Key progress achieved on cryostat for BEPCII SCC


The IHEP self-developed cryostat for BEPCII Spare Superconducting Cavity (SCC) passed the acceptance test on December 11 in Beijing, which marked an important milestone in the R&D of the BEPCII 

researchers conduct the on-site test
SCC. The cryostate is one of the key components of BEPCII SCC.

A panel of 11 experts from the CAS institutes was created to listen to the reports, and conducted an on-site test on the cryostat. The test results proved that the cryostat’s performance agreed well with its designed specifications.

BEPCII superconducting cryomodule is composed of cryostat, superconducting niobium cavity, high power coupler, tuner and higher order mode absorbers. As the key component in the mechanical structure of the superconducting cryomodule, the cryostat is made up of 4.5K helium vessel, 80K liquid nitrogen shield, 300K vacuum vessel, pressure test and heat devices. With a compact structure, the cryostat allows heat load only at low temperature and requires high machining precision and vacuum

As costs for developing superconducting cavity are very high, and the related technologies have been under the monopoly of a small number of foreign countries, IHEP decided to develop its own SCC for BEPCII through self-reliance. Strongly supported and funded by CAS, this project remains on the top-list of IHEP's technology innovation program.