Feasibility of Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment physics reviewed


A seminar, which was organized by the Bureau of Basic Science of CAS, was held at the Institute of High Energy Physics on 

 the panel listen to the report
November 25th to review the feasibility of "the Physics Analysis of the Daya Bay Neutrino Oscillation Experiment”. A panel consisted of experts from universities, CAS and other institutions was created to do the review job.

At the seminar, Prof. CAO Jun gave a report “the Physics Analysis of the Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment” covering the project progress, research plans and the budget. Prof. LI Weidong introduced the computing environment of the Experiment. Both reports were followed by questions and answers and extended discussions.

Representatives from CAS, NSFC and MOST attended the seminar and delivered reports. In his welcome remarks, Prof. YF Wang, Deputy Director of IHEP and Manager of the project, thanked all the experts and the representatives from the funding agencies for their long-term support to the project.

As part of the CAS Knowledge Innovation Programs, the Daya Bay Experiment is China's largest single international collaboration project in basic science. The panel concluded that with strong international involvement and a team of international level, this project must be accomplished as planned. The panel suggested that a collaboration meeting be held in time to discuss the research focus, future cooperation and talent training for domestic neutrino studies.