Summer maintenance completed, commissioning milestone achieved


Beams were successfully accumulated in the Storage Ring of the upgraded BEPC (BEPCII)on the afternoon of September 2, which marked the completion of the summer maintenance this year and the 

 BEPCII running status
start of a new run.

The cryogenic system has become the key on the critical path of the maintenance. When its maintenance was completed and the “Ready” signal was made on the morning of Sept. 2, beams were successfully stored at 15:35 in BEPCII Storage Ring, going up to 70mA in a few hours, which was a new record for the BEPCII. Currently, the Linac, the Storage Ring and all the other systems are working well and stable with good beam performance.

The maintenance lasted about one month, many divisions and departments concerned gave up their summer vacasions, their hard efforts ensured the maintenance a full success and the timely start of the next-phase run, which will be for the Beijing Synchrotron Radiation Facility (BSRF). All the Staff will continue to work hard to ensure the BSRF running time with high efficiency.