CEPC International Advisory Meeting Held at IHEP


The sixth circular electron-positron collider (CEPC) international advisory committee (IAC) annual meeting was held at IHEP and online via Zoom on Oct. 29-30. Twenty-three internationally renowned scientists, technical experts and management experts with great scientific engineering experience from the United States, Switzerland, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Australia and China attended the meeting. They included the director of IHEP, Yifang Wang, CEPC project managers and subgroup conveners, steering committee members and some research representatives.

The meeting was chaired by Prof. Young-kee Kim, chair of CEPC IAC, professor at the University of Chicago and former deputy director of the Fermi National Laboratory. Prof. Xinchou Lou of IHEP, CEPC project manager, first introduced the overall progress of the project. Prof. Jie Gao of IHEP introduced the design and research of the CEPC accelerator; Prof. Qingjin Xu of IHEP introduced the progress of CEPC HTS magnet; Prof. Joao Guimaraes da Costa of IHEP introduced CEPC detector, physics and software progress. After that, the IAC experts conducted investigation and communication with CEPC conveners and key members of the management, accelerator and experiment groups.

In addition, IAC experts held further discussions with the CEPC team. They affirmed the new progress and achievements made in the past year, especially on key technology R&D for the accelerator and several magnets, progress on the silicon detector, international development of software and development of CEPC Industrial Promotion Consortium (CIPC). They also gave important constructive guidance on technical issues involving project development. The experts also gave recommendations on planning and direction for the technical design stage.