China’s Insight-HXMT Astronomy Satellite Featured in Article Collection


A collection of 21 papers on the early results of China's first X-ray astronomy satellite, Insight-HXMT, was recently published in the Journal of High Energy Astrophysics. Dr. Diego F. Torres, journal editor-in-chief, and Dr. Shuangnan Zhang, principal investigator of the Insight-HXMT mission, jointly wrote an introduction to the collection.

The collection covers in-orbit performance, background models, and calibration results for all instruments on-board Insight-HXMT. These papers will serve as primary references for future observations and data analysis related to Insight-HXMT.

The astrophysical results presented in the collection are mainly about observational studies on X-ray binaries, such as neutron star X-ray binaries (Sco X-1, Her X-1, Aql X-1, 4U1608-52 and 4U 1901+03), and black hole X-ray binaries (Cyg X-1, Swift J1658.2–4242 and MAXI J1535-571). The studies cover quasi-periodic oscillations (QPO), the broadband energy spectrum and the radiation mechanism, X-ray bursts of neutron star X-ray binaries, as well as the measurement of superficial magnetic fields and black hole spin. 

The Journal of High Energy Astrophysics (JHEAp) is the first astrophysical journal that focuses on the study of highly energetic phenomena. Since the journal was launched, it has only featured two article collections: Swift: 10 Years of Discovery (NASA) and the current collection about Insight-HXMT.

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