HEPS International Advisory Committee Holds Second Meeting


The Second Meeting of the International Advisory Committee (IAC) for the High Energy Photon Source (HEPS) was held at the Kuangou Conference Center in Beijing's Huairou District from Dec. 16-18, 2019.

Seventeen IAC members from international institutes and universities, as well as Baojun Jiao, Deputy District Head of the Huairou Government, made presentations. Altogether, about 130 project members attended. 

The speakers discussed the latest progress on HEPS as well as project management and risk analysis of key technology. In addition, in-depth presentations and discussions were held at the system level, and instructions and solutions were proposed.

In its summary recommendation, the committee noted that the project's construction schedule is tight due to the huge workload involved. As a result, effective and well-planned task distribution and organization of staff and financial resources is a priority. The committee suggested that the project management team emphasize R&D and manufacturing of key equipment components.

The HEPS IAC was established in July 2018. It comprises about 20 international experts in the field of advanced photon sources. The Institute of High Energy Physics hopes the committee will provide professional opinions and advice on the HEPS design and construction proposal, engineering progress, and project qualification.



Contact Information

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International Office

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