2019 CEPC International Workshop Held at IHEP


The 2019 International Workshop on the Circular Electron-Positron Collider (CEPC) was held at the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) from Nov. 18-20, one year after the release of the CEPC Conceptual Design Report.

About 360 participants attended the workshop, including 105 attendees from international institutes and universities. Participants introduced the latest progress in CEPC design optimization as well as preliminary research on some key technologies.

They also held in-depth discussions on how to promote the project and on cooperation among different countries, institutes and universities.

In addition, scientists who worked on similar international projects, such as the Future Circular Collider (FCC), the International Linear Collider (ILC), and the Compact Linear Collider (CLIC), were invited to report on the status of those projects. Attendees also explored key issues involving physics research opportunities, accelerators, detectors and software for the future electron-positron collider.

In accordance with recommendations by the International Advisory Committee last year, the CEPC International Accelerator Review Committee and CEPC International Detector R&D Review Committee were also established – thus offering opportunities for experts in the high energy field from around the world to contribute their expertise.

The IHEP International Workshop also hosted a special session of the CEPC Industrial Promotion Consortium (CIPC). Sixty-four attendees from domestic enterprises attended this meeting, a larger number than had participated the last two years.

The CEPC is a Higgs factory and large international science facility proposed by Chinese particle physicists. It will mainly be used to precisely measure the Higgs boson and to conduct new physics search. The CEPC will also produce a huge number of Z and W bosons, which could allow unprecedented precision in testing and measurement in the areas of electroweak physics, flavor physics, QCD, and top quark physics (if CEPC is upgraded).

Contact Information

Mr. Guo Lijun

International Office, IHEP

E-mail: ljguo@ihep.ac.cn