Academic Lecture: Precision study on rare inclusive B decays


Title: Precision study on rare inclusive B decays 
Speaker: Prof. Qin Qin (HUST) 
Time: 10:00 am, Friday, Nov. 8th, 2019 
Place: R319, Theoretical Physics Division 

Abstract: Rare inclusive B decays such as B - Xs(Xd)ll are interesting probes for physics beyond the Standard Model. Due to the complementarity to their exclusive counterparts, they might shed light on the anomalies currently seen in exclusive b-s transitions. By making use of operator product expansion, the rate of the decay can be calculated by systematic expansion of strong coupling and 1/mb. However, various long distance effects, especially those induced by charm loops, would pollute the calculation and reduce the precision. In the present work we revisit and improve the description of these effects in inclusive decays such as charmonium and light-quark resonances, nonfactorisable power corrections, and cascade decays. We then apply these results to a state-of-the-art phenomenological study of B - Xdll. Preliminary results for B - Xsll will also be presented.