Academic Lecture: Charmonium production in LHCb


Title: Charmonium production in LHCb 
Speaker: Dr.Sergey Barsuk(LAL, CNRS and Paris-Sud University) 
Time: 10:00, Friday 8th November 2019 
Location: B326 Main Building 

Recent results on production of charmonium states in LHCb are reviewed. These measurements are compared to theoretical predictions. The obtained constraints and perspectives of charmonium production studies in LHCb are addressed. 

About the speaker: 
Dr. Sergey Barsuk is a researcher in the Laboratory of Linear Accelerator at Orsay (LAL, CNRS and Paris-Sud University). His domaines of interest is primarily high-energy physics and in particular flavour physics, but also instrumentation, accelerator and medical physics. He is the first one who proposed to study the charmonium production via their hadronic decays at LHCb, and has played the leading role in such studies.