Academic Lecture:3-Dimensional Position-Sensitive CdZnTe Gamma-Ray Imaging Spectrometers


Speaker: Zhong He, The University of Michigan
Moderator: Prof. Zhang Shuangnan
Time: 10:00, June 18
Place: Room C305 IHEP Main Building

This presentation introduces 3-dimensional position-sensitive room-temperature CdZnTe semiconductor gamma-ray imaging spectrometers pioneered by the University of Michigan. These detectors provide energy depositions and 3-dimensional positions of individual gamma interactions within each semiconductor crystal. The combined capabilities of high-resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy, real-time imaging, and room-temperature operation have attracted long and sustained support over the past two decades. The detector technology has been transformed from basic research to commercial markets in recent years. Applications include space exploration and medical imaging, such as range verification for proton cancer therapy. 

Some latest technology development will be introduced, including new capabilities on thermal and fission neutron detection, high resolution gamma-ray imaging using time-encoded coded aperture technique, detecting and characterizing special nuclear materials behind shielding materials, and locate sources hundreds of meters away from one single observation. 

About the speaker:

Zhong He received his Ph.D from Southampton University in U.K. in 1993. His research has covered all three major types of radiation sensors, semiconductor, scintillators, gas detectors, and associated low noise, charge sensing Application Specific Integrated Circuitries (ASICs). Since 1995, his research has focused mostly on the development of room-temperature semiconductor gamma-ray imaging spectrometers. He pioneered the 3-dimensional position-sensitive single-polarity charge sensing technology which has received increasing interests in medical imaging, and planetary sciences. He has graduated 28 Ph.Ds as committee chair and has published about 100 peer reviewed journal publications. H3D Inc., a spin-off company from his research group, has sold CdZnTe gamma-ray imagers to more than 60% of nuclear power plants in the United States and Canada, as well as in countries in Europe and Asia, to IAEA Safeguard Department and research groups on proton cancer therapy.   

More detailed information on Zhong He’s research and teaching activity can be seen at their group website: